Artist Trading Cards I have Created

How To..........Tutorials

(1) - How to add Tabs    such as (Home, About, Contact, etc) to your Blogger Blog.     Click    *HERE*  for Youtube Tutorial.

(2) - How to Link on Same Page  ... want to make a list at the top of the page and link each  Title to the actual subject.  This is for separate (pages) meaning TABs like you created above.   
Click *Here*   I  Need to fix this

 (3) - Shorten Curtains ...are your curtains to long and dragging the floor?  Check out this  Tutorial on How I shortened mine.  Step by Step pics and directions.  VERY EASY.  Click   *HERE*

The following are soon to come. Adding things as I think of them.

(4) - Molding Cabochons (Flat Back Buttons no Holes)  are you buying silicone molds but not quite sure how to use them and make your own Cabochons?  I  Need to fix this

(5) - Making Toilet Paper Tube Flowers.   Yes there are different videos out these on YouTube for this.  I watched a few after I found out someone had already came up with the idea.  I changed mine a bit.  Hope these have not been done yet.   I  Need to fix this

(6) -