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Thursday, June 30, 2016

My Puzzle Wall Tutorial

DO you like to put puzzles together, but don't want to take them back apart?

You want to glue them together but not sure what to use.  Or what to do with them.

by this at Walmart or any craft store.

Take poster board or a big piece of card board

I bought 2 sheets.  I put my puzzle together on top of one.   And you can use the 2nd sheet to cover the puzzle when you are not working on it.  Then no one will mess up what you have done so far.  And if you have cats, they can't get to the loose pieces.

Once you put your puzzle together put the 2nd sheet of foam board and have someone help you flip it over.   Layer a piece of either newspaper or gift wrapping paper onto the back of the puzzle.  

DO NOT glue yet or your front of your puzzle will stick to foam board.

Now flip again

Before coating if you want to add a label to the puzzle write or type 
one up 

and apply to bottom right corner.

 Coat the front of your puzzle 3 times with Modge Podge.

Dry in about 2 hours between each coat.

Now put foam board over it and flip again.

You can either coat the back or glue paper on the back.  I glued Kraft paper on the back of mine

Once you have several puzzles.  And an empty wall you can start covering it.

I started in the middle toward the top.

Tools you will need are:

1- yard stick

2- ruler

3 - scissors

4 -  pencil

5 - Hammer

6 - xacto knife

7 - straight pins with flat top

8 - Level

Starting at top middle of your wall hang your first puzzle.   

Use your level at the top or bottom of the first puzzle you put up to make sure it is level

Using the Straight pens 

Add your puzzles in random sizes so it forms a sort of collage.

Holding the Straight pin so that your fingers are all the way to the head and all the way close to the wall.  

Keeping the pin at an angle tap tap tap small taps.  If you don't follow these directions you will constantly bend your pins.

If your puzzle is bowing in the middle at all add a pin somewhere around there.  Do not tap them in all the way, then tap side of head bending the pen.  Flatten it done and it will hold puzzle flat.

I should have removed the boarder that the previous owners put up.   But wasn't sure how.

I first started in the middle of the wall but then I had a problem at the top.  See how one has a gap.  So I took the Rhino down and started at the top.  I also found no matter how flat the side of the puzzle looks it is not flat. 

So I used some green card stock I had on hand.

I cut 3/4 th inch by the length of paper

I then lined around each puzzle.

I learned by mistake.  Here is what it looks like when you don't line them.

when you line around them with green or another dark color it will look like this.

Using the Straight pens 

Add your puzzles in random sizes so it forms a sort of collage.

Now why do you need Ruler and yard stick.  Well I ended mine at a certain point on the wall.  So I had to cut them to fit.  I also wrapped them around the corners.

I ended up with a small 8 x 8 square.  So I took a small puzzle one of my Foster girls did and cut it to fit.  The Monkey face.

The Tree I had to cut to fit a space there.

Had to add another part of the Kittens puzzle to the top right corner.

I still need to finish beside the curtains.  Curtains by the way are pulled to the side because I have a bird cage sitting on desk right now and I don't want them pooping on the curtains.  lol

And now the finished or almost finished room.

Thank you for checking out this Tutorial.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Baby Makayla's Room

wow 3 posts in one day

Ok I showed all the baby shower photos of what I hand made and so forth.

So now lets get to the babies room.

First the walls much be pink, so daddy started painting them.

Noticed they added all the Baby Shower things to decorate the walls.
All looks good.

In the mean time my hubby (prior Foster dad to Mommy)
painted the chest Hot Pink.........Notice the walls are just paneling.  The land lord told them to paint however they wanted.

Now for my part.  Decorating / painting zebra stripes on the drawers.

Had to make my own stencil from a page out of wallpaper book.
Then I used carbon paper and the material I bought for her curtains
to use for a pattern to trace them on and then cut out with a xacto knife.

Oh for those who might want to tell me they sell stencils at Hobby Lobby.  Yep I bought one. Bought the last one they carry and it is no where to be found.  We have search for several days.  I gave up and made the one above.

I still have one more to paint.  Took 4 over and Mommy put them in.  Not sure they are in the right places as some look tight. 

Just bought the knobs and took them over.  Waiting for Daddy to paint them Hot pink

Then at a Varage Sale (that is a virtual Garage Sale)
I found the following Baby Bedding.  

$50.00 all like new.  Below is what the set looks like on line.

Now I am painting her letters

And Baby Makayla Jo has arrived before I got the nursery all done.

So stay tuned for more Nursery Updates.

Almost done with her name.

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