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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Recycling Handle for my Rubber Made Case

Hello everyone.  Well I did something kind of neat the other night and wanted to share it with all of you.

Not sure how many of you know what a Wall Paper book is.  But let me explain.  When Wall Paper stores have designs for customers to choose from they come in a HUGE book.  Like 20 x 20 inches.  When they get new designs they expire the old ones.  Now if you live anywhere besides Tennesee (grin) you most likely can go to a Wall Paper store like Sherwin Williams and they will let you have a few of these.  You have to go often and keep asking and get them to put your name on a list. A lot of Teachers get them for Craft Projects.  Some places Like Tennessee Charge you for them.  When we were in Georgia Hubby went to get me a couple and came home with 16 of them.  That was about 10 years ago and I still have some left.  grin  I love them.

Here is a Wall Paper Book

I already started working on it when I decided to take pics and show you all what I was doing.  I had used pretty much all the paper up and just hate throwing things out.

So I decided to put the rest of it to good use.

Next I took a xacto knife and cut down the spine so you can get to the handle metal parts.

Below you can see the metal parts where I bent them OUT so I can pull off the handle.

Below is my lid Before I did anything to it.

Next I layed the handle on top of my lid and using a Black Permanent Marker I drew lines where the metal brad like pieces needed to go.

Next I got our Ice Pick and lit a candle to heat the tip of it.

I used the Pick to slowly melt through my lid in the places that I marked with the permanent marker.

It doesn't stay hot for long.  So you have to keep going back into the candle flame to get it hot again.  And once you have melted some with it the gooey melted plastic starts sticking to the pick and once reheated it turns black.  So you have to keep wiping it onto a piece of paper then heating and repeating until tip is sort of clean again.

Once I got my hole started I had to start making a slit for the width of the metal piece on the handle.

I kept doing this until my handle would fit into the 4 slits.

Once everything fit good I had to get some pliers to bend these down with.  I didn't get them flat as they were way to thick and took a lot to get them to bend down.  And you have to be careful so you don't crack your plastic lid.

They need to be bent as far down as you can get them.  But not all they way because it is not like they are going to slid back out.

Don't that look great.  Now you can't put to much weight inside the container because I'm not sure how much weight the lid can handle pulling in the middle.

I LOVE it now.  Before when I would take my Leather Charm Bracelets to show them off I had a hard time carrying my purse this container and maybe a drink or anything else.  Many a times I would slip and it would go side ways and all my jewelry would slide down to one it all jumbled up.  And of course it took TWO HANDS to carry it if I wanted it to stay level.

Now I only need one hand.

So next time you see a handle on something that is broke think what you might be able to recycle it to.  This has really saved me a lot of anger. lol

Friday, October 24, 2014

What to Do with Washi Tape

Ok I was not planning to do 3 posts today but sometimes things just pop into my head.  I am reading my Bloglovin Newsletter and came across a cute DIY mask made with Washi Tape.  Now I was almost positive I had a post from before discussing Washi Tape.  But I searched through all of my posts and was shocked to see I have never told you all about it.  

What is Washi Tape you might ask.  Well one of the most fun new inventions ever for the crafters world.  It is a sort of tape that is real close to Masking Tape, but not so sticky and most of it is see through.  Well not clear like glass but well um here let me show you some I taped on a piece of paper.

Notice you can see through it.  You can use it for just about anything.  Here are a few ideas

WHAT CAN IT BE USED FOR....well lots of things. You can seal a lunch sack for your childs lunch with it. You can decorate a card or page with it. You can wrap it around a pencil, bracelet, bottle, your phone, cover a lamp shade with it, just about anything. And it is easy to get back off if you change your mind. This is just like masking tape but prettier of course. Just put your thinking cap on and let your creative thinking take over. What can you do with it. 

Here is the little project I found using it on a mask

Make a Bird Mask 

Here is a few pics I got off of Pinterest and some I did to give you some more ideas.  First some I have found on Web Searches and Pinterest

Change your clock to a new Unique look

Take an old frame and make it your own cute design.

Buy some Candle Holders and add some Washi Tape so they match the decor in your room.  Or give as a gift.

Want some cute Band aides that you just can't by on the market.  Your child will be showing them off to friends.  Imagine when they tell there moms well Cindy at school said her mom makes there band aides.  LOL

Decorate your planner or Calendar so it is not so dull

This one I have started doing.   Mainly because I keep forgetting which cord goes to what.  And it is so much faster to grab which cord I need than to go through each one looking for the end that fits what I am needing to charge.

Here is a few things I have created

Wanted to spice up moms room a bit in our new house.  

Ok I didn't start this post to sell you anything, but got thinking what if you wanted just a little bit of Washi Tape for a project and you wanted several colors.  Like this project to make a multi color dog card for a friend.

Or this one to use in Birthday Party Cupcakes

You don't really need a lot for little projects.  And maybe you don't want to start a collection like some of us.

Ok I have WAY MORE than this, but it does look pretty in my crystal bowl.  

Anyways I sell Washi Tape by the YARD, not by the roll.  So you can buy (3) foot of each color you want and not have to spend all kinds of money doing it.  Ask me to do a special order for you so that you don't pay out lots of money for Shipping n Handling

Click here to take you to my Etsy Store

Cards Crafts N More

Ok crafty peoples it's time for me to get off here.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Easy Cute DIY Projects

I love making little crafty fun things.  Especially ones that are simple cut and fast.  I love to crochet granny squares, but you can only do so much with them.  Or so I thought.  Check out this newest idea I found to use them for.  Can't wait to make a few of these.  Think they would make cute little gifts.

Just click on the names and it will take you to the tutorials.

I really should not be sitting here at the computer, but I am finding the neatest things.  I need to stop reading my Bloglovin Newsletters.  They are addictive just like Pinterest.  This next little DIY you have to order the cute little birds, but hey what a cute item to hang all about the house.  I need to create something with this idea.

Well I'm a bit disappointed in the links I'm attaching.  Click the title above then click on DIY Tutorials to find this little beauty.  I tried 3 times and it won't give me a link to go directly to this little project.  These would make awesome little gifts.  You could put just about anything inside of them.  Bottles like this can be bought at Michael's and Hobby Lobby.

Yummy Pumpkin Recipes

I'm reading my bloglovin newsletter and found a few recipes that sound so yummy.  Click on them to take you to the full recipe.

Hey this sounds so easy.  Just dump it all together, cook and eat. Yum

OM Gosh.  I love any kind of Streusel Bars, but Pumpkin flavor. YEAH.

Ok not so sure about spiced, but Pumpkin Flavored Waffles sounds like something to die for.  lol

I'm gaining weight just looking at this one.

Well as I find more Yummy Pumpkin Recipes that look good to me I will add them so you to can find and try them.  Follow my blog so you don't miss out.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Shopping has began.....

     I love the crafty things I make and sell because the money you earn can go toward more crafts.  lol.  And Hobby Lobby just loves me.  Well ok maybe I'm being a little extreme on that and maybe I'm exaggerating..... but sometimes i pay there paychecks.  LOL  

(What do you think of my graphically designed photo above ?)

I know I am not the only one that spends way to much at Hobby Lobby or Michael's. 

 Anyways now that people are looking for Stocking Stuffers they are placing more Bracelet orders.
Which is a good thing.

(What do you think of my graphically designed photo above ?)
One way to lose weight fast.  LOL

  The customers I really like the most are those that are so easy to please.

They pick out there charms and leather color then tell me do what ever else I want.  So here is a few that I designed.  

This one above and below are in Support of Autism.  My Son has Asp burgers.

Hope you don't mind me sharing.  I have so much fun making these.

These were fun to make they are for 4 sisters and the mom.  She told me what everyone's favorite color and charms where then told me to take it from there.  

This last one the black ribbon was so shiny and pretty I made 4 braids like this for future orders.

Ok I have lots more and I want to show them off, but don't want to bore you.  So stay tuned and I will add more later that I made or am making.

Tell me what you think in the comments.  
Thanks for reading my posts.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Google & Blogger

I think I'm going to go crazy one day trying to remember all the passwords Google makes me create.

  And lets not forget when you make a new one 


 It asks what is the last password that you remember.  
Um the one I have been trying to type in for the past 10 minutes.    

Well I figured if it was the wrong password I would use it for my NEW password.  


 it says you need to pic a pass word you have not yet used.  

Well that is what I thought I was doing................grrrrrrr
Ok I got it

I know...........

And don't pick your dogs name. 

Well that is what they 

Because if you pick your dogs name you might just remember it.  

 Yep and they wouldn't like that 

So now you don't know what password to use

so we all pick something we think no way in this world would anyone every figure it out. 

Yeah sound familiar...................

and then we can't remember it either.  

So what do we do ............ ?

we have to start all over again and pick a new password each time we sign on.  

Even though we all know this is true and we go through this every time and we get mad, frustrated, maybe throw a tantrum (not that I would do that) or even cry and reading this made you remember you have done that or been in the same place I just was in.   

I hope you got a laugh out of this.   Yes I know I had to be crazy to take so much time.  If you could see all the pics I took just trying to get the right faces, or not look scary etc.... you would die laughing.   So until my next post have a great day.