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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

My Drawings become Stickers

I'm so excited.  I did some Christian versus into drawings and
my daughter made them into stickers.

Pictures Coming soon.  Blogger site has a problem down right now on file to upload Photos.

I'm so excited.  I did some Christian versus into drawings and
my daughter made them into stickers.
My Christian Stickers

Cross Die Cut

Matt 5:14

I love to draw, but as anyone who loves to draw, drawings can pile up.  I myself not
only love to draw, but I have TONS of other crafts I like to do such as

Making Cards

Thank you note cards for my Etsy Customers.   So fun to make.
Family hates it when I make them because i take over the living room
and use craps or left overs and of course then I think of more Embellishments or scraps.

Making Bird Toys 
and Selling some

Making Scrapbook Pages


Stopped making them when my hubby sat a box of oil on top.  It seeped through the box and down into the first 4 pages of the album.


Now making books of the TONS of pics of cards and family
members into hard back books on Snapfish

This is a page from one of the card books I have made for myself.  I can go on Pinterest and find cards others have made.  But if say I want to make a card similar to one I have to open it up on my phone and keep hitting the screen to keep it open.  Where as I can open this book and look at a card and keep the book open.  I also like to flip through pages of memories.  Most of the cards in this book are from friends of mine sent to me years ago.
Make things for Seniors living in Assisted Living Homes.  Like the brooches



I have shown in several other posts and even a video or two on my YouTube account below.


My Videos are in order of how I made them.  Several are really funny.  If you watch all of them you will be entertained on several
  Now making Twiddle Muffs for Nursing Home.  And have decided to make a few
and put VERY SOON on my Etsy Store to help pay for the yarn and
things to make these for others for free.

I love to quilt and Sew but lately no time because I do Way to many things.

But back to drawing.  Now that there is the internet I can share my drawings with others.

Click photo above 
to take you to the link

Kind of depressing waiting for someone to find my daughters shop or to purchase them.  I was so excited when she agreed to put them out there.  The shop was opened to help her use her Graphic Design Degree to start her own business.  Having a business on Etsy is a SLOW thing when you don't have the money to advertise.

Maybe I have Autism like my son.  (Watch the video I made on him to see if your child might need to be tested)
Introducing my son Joey He Has Autism

So if you have read this please check out her shop.  She is now putting stickers to if you buy more you save more.  I told her the way everyone is set up is you buy a sheet for $3 and then Pay $3 shipping.  Crazy but that is the only way to have tracking cheap enough to know if packages get lost etc.  If you want to take a chance we can set up a special listing for just the price of your stickers, and $1.50 to mail them.  Or less.  But they are not guaranteed and will not replace if they do not arrive.
Now if you have ever written a letter 99% of the time it arrives to its destinations with no problems.

My Daughters Etsy Shop


Other things you will find in her shop

Address labels of
Birds, Flowers, Puerto Rican Flag,
Pit Bull and others.

Stickers for Journals such as Erin Condren and others.

Die Cuts (only one more coming soon)

Party invitations and Party supplies like CupCake Toppers.

Greeting Cards,   Coloring Pages,  Some of these are Perfect size
for a Quilting Block.

Zentangles to color.  Zentagle of a PitBull

Just click the store name to check out what she has listed.
She also makes Vinyl Decals to put on your car.  Just ask.  She can design just about anything.

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Friday, April 5, 2019

Posts for Prior Years

I usually do this every January.  This way you don't have to search 
through posts to see what you might want to read from prior years.

What does that mean?

Well if you want to just glance you can look at the pics below.  Click the photo 
below to enlarge.  I'm not sure I posted a pic from each post, but I tried to.

So Click the Photo and it ENLARGES

See something you want to read or check out?

Then click the link above the photo and it will take you to that year.
And if in the photo you seen you wanted to read something in July of that 
year, then once you get to the year then click on the month.  Easy Peasy.

take you to a page you have to scroll through for weeks to find the
particular post you are looking for.


take you Right to that particular page you are searching for.

So why scroll through each year of posts when you can 
scroll through a review, 
see a brief pic and get a better idea if you want to read that post or not.

So lets get started.


Click Date

February Was Valentine's Day Brooches
St. Patricks Day Brooches 
and prior year reviews.
July was Journaling and Bible Versus
Rhubarb growing and recipes

December and November
click date

April and March
August, September and December


October 2014
*Recycling a Handle for my Rubber Made Case
*What to do with Washi Tape
*Easy Cute DIY Project to Crochet
*Yummy Pumpkin Recipe
*Shopping Has Begun (Funny)
*Google and Blogger (Going Crazy Funny)

November 2014
*Halloween POTION Bottle

December 2014
*Yummy Veggie & Chicken Burritos-Tacos or Quesadilla's
*Handmade Christmas Cards

Posts for 2012


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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Brooches for Valentines Day

Brooches I made last year for the Seniors at the Senior Living Home

I had so much fun making these.

I had Ribbon that said Key to my Heart.  But found once I 
cut them up they words were in the wrong area for some.  And they didn't show up.

I found some Scrapbook paper with words.  But they too just
didn't show up to well.

My Dad had collected Beanie Babies.  And bought lots of tag covers.   
When he passed away I found them and thought they would make a cool craft item.

 Finally I typed up words.  Printed them off on white card stock
then shadowed them with black card stock and they 
just popped out.

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Brooches for Easter

Just noticed I never shared the Brooches I made last year for the 
Senior Patients at the Senior Living Home.

The little hats I made from the Pom Pom thingies that you sew together to make other neat projects.  Here is a picture of some .  Well I will have to upload one later.  Apparently they are not called what I thought.  HELP....

Here is the type Pen Backs I started with

My husband hated me.  Men have big fingers and he was the nurse that got stuck pinning them on .

I then discovered these.  He said they are so much easier for him and for seniors to work with.

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