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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Brooches for Valentines Day

Brooches I made last year for the Seniors at the Senior Living Home

I had so much fun making these.

I had Ribbon that said Key to my Heart.  But found once I 
cut them up they words were in the wrong area for some.  And they didn't show up.

I found some Scrapbook paper with words.  But they too just
didn't show up to well.

My Dad had collected Beanie Babies.  And bought lots of tag covers.   
When he passed away I found them and thought they would make a cool craft item.

 Finally I typed up words.  Printed them off on white card stock
then shadowed them with black card stock and they 
just popped out.

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Brooches for Easter

Just noticed I never shared the Brooches I made last year for the 
Senior Patients at the Senior Living Home.

The little hats I made from the Pom Pom thingies that you sew together to make other neat projects.  Here is a picture of some .  Well I will have to upload one later.  Apparently they are not called what I thought.  HELP....

Here is the type Pen Backs I started with

My husband hated me.  Men have big fingers and he was the nurse that got stuck pinning them on .

I then discovered these.  He said they are so much easier for him and for seniors to work with.

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Thursday, November 8, 2018

My YouTube Sock Video

Ok I just had someone tell me they are folding socks 
which reminded me of a video I made 2 years ago.  
Geesh I was shocked to see I made it that long ago.  
Thought I made it this year.  Man it sucks getting older. 

Go check it out.  
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Friday, August 10, 2018

A New Crochet Discovery

Just found a new love.  Can't wait to try it out.

Click words above picture to get the pattern.

Ok and now some pics of how people use there yarn for these
 above blankets to keep yarn from getting tangled.

And now I am so excited because I just found a YouTube Video on how to 
graph your picture on Paint.

Creating a graph for crochet using paint

Kayla Jackson
Published on Sept 17, 2014

Ok so I am off to see if I can do this.
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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

My Paintings from Classes

I am so proud of paintings I have done in classes at Painting with a twist.   
I thought it might be fun for others to see them.  Here is my artistic talent.  LOL
I will start with my first class 2 years ago.  

October 2015
Wicked Momsicle

My First Painting at Painting with a Twist

My Second Class October 2015

Let it Snow

The one to the far right is what the Teacher did during our class.

9 November 2015
Blue Moon
3rd Class   
Everyone LOVED my moon.  Then we painted over it.  
I hated doing that. 

My branches were a bit to thick.  Here is the painting the teacher did.

And others in my class.

My 2nd shot at branches and 2nd class.
24 November 2015
Galactic Moonlight

And others in my class.
3rd painting.  I'm a bit confused on class dates.
Just being Silly

After this one I got excited and got the painting bug.  I painted the following 
paintings in my Journal.
4 November 2015

29 Nov 2015

Then I stopped.  Not sure why.  Next class

Finally I am back to painting.

This class I took in June of 2018 with my best friend Michele.
Cape Cod Calm

The Original is Top Right.  My cat tails look like sea weed.  lol
And I want to tell those who have never painted or even drawn anything.  Michele has NEVER EVER painted.  She is on the left.  So see even if you have Never done anything like this go have fun.  You will be amazed what you come home with.

My class in July 2018

Perfect Paradise

Now I know I need to fix my swing.  I now know how to draw it.  I came home and practiced on a piece of paper.  lol

This is the Original taught by the teacher.

And these Ocean pics inspired the following.
I bought this piece of wood cut out from GoodWill.

July 2015

   So if you have not tried it yet go up above click on the link for Painted With a Twist.
Click on it and find the one closest to you.

Go have fun.

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