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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Making a Smash Book for my Sister

Well I have been little by little making a smash book for my sister.  
I only work on it when I have an idea and then that of course sometimes leads to several pages.  
If not I do what I want then put it down until ready to work on it again.

I made the book from Scratch.  Meaning 2 pieces of card board.
Sheets of printer papers off my printer and from another package of cloudy paper I bought.

Here are some of the pages I have done so far.  Well that I have pics of that is.

As I add more I will post them here in order as if you are looking through the book yourself.


 My stitching

The Front

The background is from a Wall Paper book. 

Page 1 below

Page 2 below

Page 3 below

Page 4 below

Page 7 below

Page 8 below

Page 1 Tag front below

Page 9 below

Page 9 Tag back below
Well While adding these photos I see I put Leave instead of Leaf.  Will have to fix that I see.

Page 10 below

Page 10 tag front below

Page 11 below

Page 11 tag back below

The Leaf I bought years ago from a craft store.  
It was already tinted purple.  

I added the pocket AFTER I stitched the book.  

Didn't think of it before hand.  oooops.  

Page 11 below

This is a real leaf coated a year ago with Alene's Tacky glue front and back.  
And it is still in tack.  
Now I want to get a green, red and yellow one.  
She loves the 4 seasons.  
But Fall the most.  

Page 11 update below

gave up on getting real fall leaves.
Page 12 below

I have lots more done, but need to take pics.  
And the torn out words are from an Old Bambi book I grew up with. 
 I decided I didn't need to keep it anymore so recycling it.

This tripped me out on how it seemed to fit right in with this journal. 

Page 13 below

Page 14 below

Some of the pages I need to add more to them and when I do i will put the newest 
updated photo and remove the old one.

Page 15 below
Page 16 below
Page 17 below
Page 18 below
Page 19 below
Page 20 below
Page 20 below
Page 22 below
Page 23 below
Page 24 below

Page 24 tag below

Will update again when I add more to the Smash Book

I have lots more done, but need to take pics.  

 So check back. 

Comment Below

And let me know if you have ever made a Smash Book Before. 
 Leave your link so I can check it out.

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