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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween Potion Bottle DIY

Ok I was in Hobby Lobby last week and was looking for some bottles to make it look like Potions from a mad scientist Lab.  I came across the bottle below and about died when I flipped it over and seen the price.  No way was I spending that much money.  I think it was like $21.  Not sure I'm terrible at remembering prices sometimes.  grin.

After looking it over I though to myself I can make one of these.  So first I found the bottle.  Now this is the weird thing.  Same isle clear bottle.  But over near the restrooms another isle of glass CLEAR jars.  Same jar but about $4 less.  So this is the one I got.

Then I needed something to color the jar so I bought some Krylon Webbing Spray in Gold for $5.99 (lol price is still on it)

I needed the top and knew i had seen something like them in the isle with all the cupboard knobs.  So I bought these and took the screws out.

I found some Labels about a month ago.  Not sure where I got them.  But you probably can get them at Hobby Lobby in sticker isle or find some printables on line.

I went a little crazy with the Gold Webbing.  Even got it all over my porch.  Didn't know that is shot out webs Duh.  lol  I also picked up a few liquor bottles from friends.

Skull from Walmart and Jar from Hobby Lobby sprayed inside with Gold Webbing

Have to have herbs for potions

Other Liquor Bottles.  Kind of got one label on crooked.  grin

Eyes from Dollar General and Jar from Hobby Lobby.  I need to find a cork to fit in the top.  So far each one I try are to big.  

I have been buying little jars everywhere I can find them.  

Ok back to my Jar I worked on.  Next I put the label on it.

Looking good so far.  I knew I had some Jute (string) in my craft room to wrap around the top.  To keep from having to scroll back up I"m posting the Jar again I am trying to copy.

This is what it looks like (pic is upside down but think you can figure out what it looks like.  I think I bought mine at Walmart back in the paint section.

Take your twine and Tie it around your bottle 

Then start wrapping it around.....Keep wrapping until the entire area is covered

Ok come back as I finish this project.
 Even though Halloween is over I am still working on things for next year.

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