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Friday, December 12, 2014

Yummy Veggie & Chicken Burritos-Tacos or Quesadilla's

Well i'm not sure if you call these Burritos or Tacos.  Or Quesadilla's you tell me.  But they did start off as Quesadilla's, then I got lazy one night and needed to cook up some veggies before they ruined as some were already starting to shrivel up.  So first off here is how I made those.  I took the following supplies

2 Onions

6 Carrots

6 Celery
3 Bell Peppers (NO GREEN)
This last time I grabbed a bag of shredded Brocolli and Red Cabbage and put it in the chopper

Now you are going to cut off all the bad or non usable parts.  You can then either slice into small slices or slivers.  The Carrots just use the shavings.  

But if you have a picky kid like mine who is now 23 and still refuses to eat any of the above. You fool them.  He begs for more now.  Cut up all of the above and then put
them in a chopper.
Mini Chopper

Chop it all up in tiny tiny tiny pieces.  Looks sort of like baby food.  

Then put it all in a skillet 

Cook shredded veggies in skillet


with a little butter, 

a little oil

Cook until you have a bit of it browned.  Don't burn it.

You can serve it like this or add meat.  My son eat it both ways.  I buy this

When you have it almost cooked add The meat to the Chopper and then put it in the skillet.
Then put it all into another pan so you can use your skillet for the Flour Tortilla Shells to brown them.

Brown the Flour Tortilla Shells

Your suppose to put them in a dry skillet, but I put button on with a butter knife and scrapped it back off so that it was very very light.
Flour Tortilla Shells

Just before serving add a a bag of shredded cheese to the skillet and mix it up real good

or you can add over each one once it is on the shell

Now add 2 spoon fulls to each one 

Then roll it up and take a bite

Veggie Burrito

Now this of course is a Burrito, but I learned how to do all this to make a Quesadilla's and then when I made them this time I just didn't feel like heating up the broiler ( I don't use a skillet because I spill it all out when I flip it)

Ok go make one.  You can put any veggies in it that you want to.

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