Artist Trading Cards I have Created

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Artist Trading Cards

Artist Trading Cards

also Known as


Little cards the same size as Base Ball Cards meant for trading.  
2 1/2 x 3 1/2

Here is an example of Front and Back


These are fronts of course.  A few I have made and traded.

This is a back.

Some Crafty Artist like to make and collect these. We name the card just like someone who paints a painting.   And then number them.

Here are a few I have gotten from others when I 
traded one of my cards for one of there's.

If you are not on a group that trades these and you make and want to trade I will include a few lists at the bottom of this post.   

If you have never tried making these and you are into mini works of art or want to try these here is a video to help you with that.

Now for groups.  These are on FaceBook and I have just recently joined these. Yes I joined several so that I could figure out which ones I like the most.

Come join and lurk for a bit then please join in on all the fun.  

If you don't have Face Book and are still interested go to and try out


Hope you enjoyed this post.

If your art work is on my Blog and you do not want it up please contact me on Facebook or the list we are on together.  Thanks.

If you like what you see please join my blog site and subscribe so you
can get updates when I add more art.

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