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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Peace Wreck this Journal Amber

Wow I can't believe I didn't share with you all the 2 Journals / Books I made.
Haven't put anything inside of them yet.   

The first one was made for my sons Girlfriend.  She had so much fun with a store bought
journal called Wreck This Journal that I wanted to make her one.

She loves anything colorful.  So I let her choose the Scrapbook paper to cover the book with. And is MAJORLY into Zebra print.  So she wanted to put some on the binding.

Now let me show you the back first.  I layed the pretty paper down making sure the Peach signs were facing the right way.

Ok now don't laugh, but I layed out the paper just right again for the front of the book.  BUT didn't realize when you put the book into readable position, the peace signs were now 
upside down.

Ok it is kind of funny.  I couldn't wait for Ambers book to be finished.  
I did so much work sewing my pages together
and then getting her binding right.  Guess next time I need to pay
better attention.  

Here is some of the things I wrote down for her to do on the inside

1- using different kinds of lipsticks kiss all over one of the pages.

2- Write down each of your families members names one at a time.  Then beside the name or under or above the name draw a drawing of what comes to mind when you think of this person.

3- Draw 2 columns.   Title one color boys names and one girls names.  Then write under neath them names that you might name your children if you had 12 kids.

4- Using magazines, sales ads, junk mail.......... cover one page with words starting with the letter

5- Write down 50 things you love.

6- Using your LEFT hand draw a picture of your boyfriend/ husband/ brother/ best friend.

7- Using Card Stock or sturdy paper.  Take a butter lid that is round.  Draw a circle in middle of the paper.  Take scraps of paper from anything..... construction paper, magazines, junk mail etc. cover the other side just in the middle where circle is.  Hold up to the light so you don't cover more than you need to. (going to far outside the circle lines.  When dry, cut out the circle glue it on a page and name your art.  Don't forget to sign and date it.

8- Using magazines cut out pictures of things you like and make a collage on a 2 page layout.

9- write a short poem on one page.

10 - Write a song about a dog.

11- Draw a picture or cut out one from a magazine and write a short funny poem or story that you might find in a childrens book.

12- What are your favorite foods and drinks...... Find pictures to glue beside each one.

13- Title page with Todays Date, Month and Year.  City and State you live in.
     Then put the following to look back over years from now.  Cost of each item.
Gas Price------------------Slushy-------------Shake-------------French Fries------------Whopper--------Milk------------Bread-----------Lays Potatoe Chips-------------2 Lt Bottle Soda------------
Monthly Phone Bill-----------Happy Meal------------- Movie Theater Ticket------------- Call a high school find out what the cost of a Year book is..............And Prom tickets.

What do you think.  Do you have an idea for what she should do on a page
in Ambers Wreck this Journal.  We would love to hear from you.

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Wilma said...

Hi! I followed your link from your comment on my blog to find yours! So funny that you went back far enough to find the abandonment post! I still love my Cameo. I got a PixScan mat, so I can stamp several images and have the Cameo do the fussy cutting, and I use it for all kinds of other stuff. Maybe I'll do a post showing some of my projects. I'd be happy to help you get your courage up if I can!! Where do you live? I'm in southern Colorado. BTW, I love your ideas for the Wreck this Journal. How fun!

Mickey Jo said...

Hey we need to follow each other. LOL I thought you were one of my followers, but though the name Wilma sounded familiary. LOL. I saved several of your card ideas and each one on the bottom wrote by Wilma. lol. Thus why your name was stuck in my head so much.

I would love to have help once I get back from the Deluth Expo Convention. Can't wait to meet Richard. I'm in Middle TN.