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Friday, February 27, 2015

Bead Baker Discovered

Well I was watching videos the other day and one video leads to the next one.  And it opens up others which might be in a totally different direction.  Well that is what happened to me.  I was checking out Craft Haul videos because my son had got me making a channel on YouTube called.  Click below

To find it you must take out the spaces.  If the link above does not work.   And the first video is this one.  With more to come.

Well as I was searching around I came across a video made by Cindy her YouTube name is

click below

.  She was advertising this awesome bead Baker called LC BAKER sold by

Click on the name and you will go to her site.  She has all kinds of tools for bead makers that use Polymer Clay or others.  Oh and I am not related to or even know the above Lucy.

Here are some pictures

I added some drawn beads so that you get the idea.  I had to freeze the video to take pics.  Here is a couple off Lucy's Site so you know what to look for.

Ok more pics for you and I did find the url for the video that I watched to see this.  Check out this video it is really more informative on this.  And she has some great videos.

See the website address in bottom right corner.

This is what Cindy used before.  I'm not sure but seems like I seen one of these at Hobby Lobby.

Hope you enjoyed the information about the Lucy Clay Baker I have provided.  

 if you are interested in the types of things I like to  talk about  please....

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