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Friday, February 27, 2015

Home Storage Help

Ok this page is kind of for me so I don't lose this information.  And to share with all of you.  I get a post in my email that gives little videos on different things.  I snapped pics of the things I was interested in.  So I am putting them here so I don't lose them.  

These are by 

Click above to go to his You Tube Videos.  They are awesome.

First is Help for your 

Laundry Room  

This one below I love because I have no where to hang anything.  Or I might even put the crates above.  Here is my laundry room before we bought the house and I did some painting.  The shelves above the washer n dryer were removed because the previous owners didn't have them hooked up into studs and they fell down.  So now I have room for the crates above.

remember go watch his videos.  He will actually tell you more on these
modifications to your Laundry Room

Click below


For the Bathroom

This is awesome because I don't use curling irons but they are here for company and take up my bottom bathroom drawer.  Hubby is just going to love all the things I am finding for him to do.  LOL

I like this idea instead of hanging them on the shower head.  I think it is NOT good to put all kinds of weight on that.  Just make sure you find studs.  Unfortunately my ties go all the way to the ceiling and cover the ceiling.  We bought it like this so I'm leaving it.  LOL

This one below is not really storage helper but I don't want to lose this photo.

remember to find out more about the above and how to do them watch his videos.

 He will actually tell you more on these modifications to your bathroom.

Click below


For the Kitchen 

add a little shelf to use up wasted space

Add a Dry erase board hidden inside a cupboard door.

Need more drawer space

I hate how my utensils are all cluttered together.  Now to get hubby to build this.
Watch The Family Handy man for instructions for these ideas.

Need somewhere for those flat pans where they WON"T fall over.

Storage under the cupboards. 

 If you look at your cupboards there is a space under them.  I have a 
light hidden under one of mine.

Have paper work piled all over a counter.  Do this.

Seems no matter how often I clean it off it is right back piled
up within 72 hours.

Herbs within reach

I love this one, just have to figure out if I can do this.  I don't really want my window
 blocked to much but LOVE this idea.

A Place for your Lids

This is one of my favorite ideas.


remember go watch his videos.  He will actually tell you more on these 
modifications to your kitchen

Click below


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