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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Who Watches Techniques Videos

Why this title ???

Well I have started a YouTube Channel as some of you know.  But I wonder how many
really watch them.  I know I do.  I learn so many cool things, but then never seem
to get around to trying out this or that really neat craft.

I was thinking about making a channel for kids videos.  Crafty ones that is.  I was thinking how many your girls or boys want to do something but there parents have no idea how to teach them to do it.   I know there are kids out there that make videos and show how to do certain crafts that they know how to do.  But I have taught so many young girls things that no one else would take the time to teach them.

Like making cards.  Not everyone can afford to go buy card stock, fancy scissors and tape runners.  You can make simple cards with things around the house.  No they won't be as great as store bought cards.  But they will mean more and most likely be kept by the recipient.  

And there are adults that could use some help with this also.  So I'm not sure if it should be just part of my already started YouTube Channel or one off on its own.  

Oh before I forget, 
check out my You Tube channel.  

But first let me tell you a bit about it and what I have done so far.  Ok I have wanted to start a channel because I love teaching others things, but my anxiety makes it hard for me to open my home and teach classes.  And most don't want to pay for a class.  They want to be taught for free.  Even though I never charge more than $3.00 to $5.00 to just cover the supplies I used in the class.  But say free and you will fill up your house.  Sooo I figure ok do videos.  I'm always creating something and my family says hey why not show others how to do that too.

Well you can't just jump right in or at least I can't.  So I figured I would start out with crafty buys.  Known on You Tube as Craft Hauls.  To me is should be Crafty Shopping Sprees.  But guess I am getting old.  Well even though I wanted to start this channel I had NO FOGGY idea how to do it.  So I needed my sons help.  But he has Asperger's (a stray in the family of Autistic Spectrum).  Aspie's as they call themselves only think about themselves most of the time.  He wanted to help me, but never had time until I finally got upset because I help him with everything.  Just give me a few minutes of your time and help me.  So once you go to my You Tube channel scroll all the way down and the very bottom is the first and to me the funniest video.  He filmed it and edited it.

Click here when you are ready to check it out

Now Editing there is another time consumer that most You Tube Watchers never think about.  You might think the person filming just filmed the video and boom it is ready for You Tube.  Well yes maybe a few can do that.  But if you notice they leave everything in.  Like if something falls on the floor you watch them bend over to pick it up.  If there kids cries or dog barks etc it is all in the video.  So my son taught me or told me get a program to Edit your videos but I don't have time to help you.

So did you know it takes between 2 to 6 hours to edit a video.  You have to watch it over and over and over until you are so sick of it you want to puke.  Ok that is a bit much but seriously.

So I took things in my own hands and started my channel.  It was alot of crying for help, getting depressed because NO ONE knew what to do except Joey and Joey was all about Joey.

So watch what I have done.

Now I have several asking for Technique videos.  Sounds easy right.  Well either I am blonder than I thought Or I am partially stupid.  It has take me 2 months to figure this out.  Now I need to film some.

What took so long.  Well I wanted my camera to look over my shoulder at what I am doing.  I have spent money for this or that and everything falls over because the iphone is to heavy.  I finally decided to try something new and had hubby pull out my cross stitch frame.  I will do a little video on that and show what I have tried.  Might be funny might be just stupid, but someone out there has gone through the same thing I have.

Ok one more thing.  Here is Joeys Channel please watch mine and his and subscribe so you can see what else we come out with. It really makes him happy each time he sees someone else viewed his channel and even more when they subscribe.

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