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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Halloween Almost Here

But with it comes this darn colder weather.  Well at least it is back up to 81 for a couple days.  Not quite sure where the Fall weather went.  Someone must not have gotten the memo on that.  LOL

With Halloween comes Kids and Candy.

Do you get lots of little ones (AND BIGGER ONES) ringing your door bell with the words Trick or Treat upon there lips?   For 14 years we lived out in the country and only one little family stopped by.  2 years ago we moved to the City or just outside of it and my goodness what a difference.  I think we got 85 last year if not more.   I'm going to count them this year and hopefully take some photos.  I just love Halloween and all the decorations.  Here are a few pics of my decorations. Maybe you will get some ideas from them.

Above is the rubbery eyes I got from the dollar store.  I took a fish bowl jar and put it on top of a candle holder.  I put a piece of styriphome glued to a butter lid, on top so I wouldn't need so many eyes.  

On the top shelf I got a hold of different bottles and put labels on them Like Eyes of Newt, But Juice.  I used a gold web spray inside of a jar then added a tiny skull.

How to Make a Potion Bottle
Just Click above to learn how to make a Potion Bottle.  Easy Directions.  But I'm sorry I have not finished the top of it.

Below are a few pictures on how I decorated our front porch.

The witch and Frankenstein Below I got off a local Sales site for hardly nothing.  Check out and look up your city see what is the closest near by where you live.

Every year I say I am going to make up treat bags and every year I don't seem to get around to it.  Last year I made some little ones so happy with giving out candy and little disney rings.  Had lots made up to sell (Hello Kitty) and Etsy say NOPE can't do that.  So I gave them out to the little girls.  Even had one little boy say  (I think I would like one of those too).LOL

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