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Monday, December 7, 2015

My Traveling Art Journal My First Entry

Wow I didn't realize how far behind I am until I just now was going to post photos from my Art Journal.  I never posted the ones from the first journal.  So guess I will start there.

Ok after my painting class I did with the Witch I went straight home and got out my newly bought Journal.  I bought it to do a Traveling Journal.  

What is a Traveling Journal you might ask?

That is where you sign up with several other crafty persons/ people.  
Each of you having your own Journal and a theme for it.  

You write up the rules you want them to follow in your Art Journal.  Such as
Theme--Mine I named The Great Out Doors

What you don't want in the journal 

such as anything gory, devilish, or spiders.  That is what I put in mine.  LOL

Your name and how you want them to do there name.

I asked they sign there name and state with month and date in bottom
 right corner of the page they did there art on.

I also asked that they do a left and right page then skip  2 or 3 pages when doing so from the last persons pages.

I asked they try to keep it as flat as possible to make the shipping a bit lower.  
For example no embellishments that stick up like buttons or flowers etc.

Ok here is what I did in steps.

If you click on the photos you can see larger images.  I started by painting the pages in shades of blue.  Starting at the top with light blue mixed with white.  Then I used the light blue by itself. and last I used a medium blue.  after painting them I took my flat medium brush and dipped one side in my light blue mixture and one in my light blue.  I ran the brush in between where the two met to make it blend in.  Then did the same with the next line and shades.

Next I took a green that reminds me of green grass.  I painted the bottom half with that.  Then came the time taker.  grin.

After this I took I think 4 shades of green.  I took a tiny detail brush and one little swiped line at a time I put grass. All over in one color then change colors and do the same.  When all done I went back to the first color and added a few more strokes of that.

Next I used a stencil to add my sun.  I chose 4 shade I could envision in my mind of the sun.  
I used a first a medium yellowish orange.

Then using a darker Yellowish orange I added the face.

Then pull the stencil away and use a medium shade of yellowish orange on the rays.

I did this using lighter and lighter colors so that my tips were the lightest.

Then I looked up on the internet at clouds.

This is what I found and used to give me an idea of what cloud colors looked like.  Of course mine do NOT look like this.  LOL.  But I knew I should start with the grey to give mine the layered look.  

And last the puffy white.  dabbing it on to give it texture.

Next added a sticker I found of a house.

Then added my tree and path.  
Found out the path was suppose to be narrower close to the house.

This was my first entry in mine.  But I was so excited with it I did two more.

Hills on one page then added a tree.

This one I did a hurried version of grass and was not as please with my sky as the first one.
Then took a book and stenciled the flowers on the pages.  
Cut them out and added them to the Journal pages.
Then I stenciled some and drew some of the leaves on.  

Next I added one more flower and a cloud.

I added flowers and fairies but forgot to take photos so when I get it back I will add those.

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