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Monday, December 7, 2015

Snowman Painting with Acrylic Paint

I am so far behind on posting it is not even funny.  I'm sure all of you are getting behind on things also.  The holidays are fun by overwhelming.  LOL  I have taken a couple more painting classes since the last post and want to share them with you.  
  I'm so sorry I forgot to take pictures of the steps.  I took a few so will put them below.  

But before I do here is the steps I remember.

Paint your back ground a blue you like.  Mine is Teal and blue mixed.

Next either with Chalk or with painting draw a head and body.  You can draw it up high like I did so your had hangs over the top of the painting.  Or down lower so hat and top of hat is inside the painting.  Like they did at Painting with a Twist in Picture below.
So as you see they put there head down a bit lower.  I also didn't make my head quite as big.  I had it smaller and kept making it bigger and bigger.  But it still never got as big as theres did. lol

Next paint your hat and scarf on.   I as you can see chose to make mine look like a Yarn crochet fuzzy hat.  I mixed purple and white by taking a medium size flat brush and tipping the left side of the flat brush in white and the right side in purple.  Then dabbing it on.  NOT swiping.
My hat kind of well seemed to get bigger and bigger because it just doesn't look like theres.  But now I see there head was wider.  I like mine a lot though.  The Teacher teaching didn't teach us the blue shading on the face.  I see that now and wish I had noticed it then on the wall example.
I wasn't real thrilled with so much body and thought it needed something so I added more scarf.  The Teacher said to use white shading above the fold in the had but I took my Purple and lightened it with white.  I like it better.  Or think I do.  lol.  
I then added my mouth and snow.  And a little shading on scarf in a circle to look like it is tied in a not.  Up close i didn't' think I did such a good job.  But in this picture it looks good.  So I am proud of myself.

Now in the pic below if you look all the way to the right at the painting on the wall it has a tongue inside the mouth showing.  I was going to attempt that but changed my mind.  She did not teach the mouth.  I added that after seeing the one on the wall off to the side.

Click on Picture to enlarge it.

Hope you enjoyed this painting.  I have another that was done before this one but have to find my photos I took.  Happy Holidays to you.

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