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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Advent Calendar I am working on.

Well my daughter grew up with a calendar with a little mouse she could move to show her how many days left till Christmas Eve.  Now she is married and wanted one for there wall.  She did a lot of searching and her and hubby picked out and paid for what they believed to be in one piece and ready to hang up on the wall. 

Guess what.  It came like this.

Ok so it didn't come like the above pic.  But wanted you to get into the Christmas Spirit for a minute.  ha ha

Ok here is how they come.

Here is What mine is looking like

We are not done but getting closer

Getting ready to leave daughters home in Hawaii to head back home.  Leaving the bottom part with her.

Then we pinned the 2 together before I left to show what I have done so far.

Then I took the top half home with me to finish.

And that was the end of November.  Don't tell my daughter but
I haven't worked any more on it.  I will I hope finish it before I go back in October to visit again.

This is what the finished one looks  like.

Here is where you can order one from.
Start now and get it done before Christmas 2017

Felt Advent Calendar

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