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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Christmas Cards Recycled

Ok we all hate to just throw out those beautiful cards we get once Christmas is over. We pull them all down off the mantel or where ever we had them hanging. Look them over and sometimes set them aside. Pick them up a few days later and look them over. Well why not turn them into a gift for next year . Here is what I did with mine. This one I cut into three pieces.
Once cut I chose a card stock that would look good by laying each piece upon different colors. Glue them in place then punched holes in top and added tassels. Now there is some I have made without tassel because most men don' t like them. grin.

This one I could only cut in half. Thirds would have made each piece to narrow. I have not given many away because I have been saving them until I get a good amount, then I am going to take them to the Elementary Library for them to had out to kids as they check out a book. So why not make a few out of your 2011 Christmas Cards.

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