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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Finally my Blog & MY STORE

          Wow I have been searching for this blog.  Pretty bad when you lose something that you created.  I even pinned it on Pinterest so I could find it no problem.  Well that would have been good if I had remembered where I  pinned it.  Ha ha.  So now I made a board called Blogs to follow and yep I put mine in there.  I am not losing it again.  

So I hope everyone has been doing good.  Things are crazy around here.  Here is what I have been up to.  

 First off I opened an Etsy store which by the way you can find here....

Or if you have FaceBook you can find my other store on there and see discounts I give that I don't give on Etsy.  And listings go on my FB store first.  Oh and if the link below doesn't work just go to your FB page, and in search box type in this name below.  Then ask me to approve you.

WHY do I sent people to my FB Store?  Well because Etsy charges .20 cents to list items then Etsy takes a % of each sale.  But I will stay without Etsy I would not have Customers.  It is a great place to start up a store then pull your customers over to Facebook.

Have you possibly been thinking about Starting your own store for things you make and want to sell?  Wait don't just go to Etsy and sign up.  Click on the following link and get 40 FREE listings.  But wait there is more.  Once you list your very first item that is when your 40 FREE listings will start.  AND I get 40 free listings also.  But neither one of us get anything free until you list your first item.  So go for it, it is free to open the store.  And pretty easy to do.  If you get lost just ask one of us on Etsy for help.  Everyone is really nice and helpful

Oh and just to let you know, My Store is Creative Crafts and Supplies, but well Etsy only allows Names that are so long.  So be prepared you might have to come up with something new like I did when you can't fit the choice you want into the little box that they provide.

Now take the step, go open a store.  It is fun and easy and I have met new friends on there through other store owners.  Ok enough on this post.  

I need to post much much more to share with all of you.  So hurry back.  
Have a great week.
Mickey JO

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