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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Paper Piecing My Newest Addiction

List Below

Ok if you are a crafter you know as well as I do addictions are easy to start.  Seems I have several.  Well I have A.D.D (Attention Deficit Disorder)  so that might have something to do with why I go in all directions.  Someone once said I can be on 20 subjects all in a matter of  ONE MINUTE.  

Each time I see something really neat I want to learn to do it too.  

So now I have been seeing some really great things on Etsy and have placed several orders before starting to talk to myself.  Am I the only one that does that ?  I sure hope not.  Anyways I was having a conversation about why should I pay for all of these when I could do this too.  I can use my Cricut and make little kids.  I could design scrapbook pages to sell.  There is so many things I could do with these.  I need to find out where I can get them.  


I asked one Etsy Seller if she would PLEASE tell me where I can learn about this too.  She sent me to some of the following Websites.  I started off with getting a few free designs.  Printed them off then decided hmmm I think I will get some more.  One turned into 5, then 5 turned into 10 now I think I have about 100 designs.  But don't tell hubby I haven't made any yet.  I am collecting them.  LOL

Here is an example of one of the FREEBIES one of the owners below shared.
Isn't he just the cutest little thing you have ever seen?  Not sure which on but he is from one of the sits below.
Don't forget to read terms of use.

Owner       Tricia Veinot Moore
Karate Kids, Doe eye kids
Don't forget to read terms of use.

Owner         Melissa Duess
Face Book      
Note:                                    Monday   Freebies
Don't forget to read terms of use.

Owner         Jessica
Terms of Use    
Note:  You may use the patterns and digi stamps for completed projects for personal use and commerical use under the terms listed here.

You may use the patterns to complete handmade projects for resale & profit.
For an example projects may include cards, scrapbook pages, paper piecings and any handcrafted item.

When listing completed projects on eBay, etsy, facebook or personal websites it is required that credit be given to Jessica Owens at Too Cute by Jessica.
For example you may write something like this in you listing:
Patterns are designed by Jessica Owens at


Owner      Chrissy Palmer
Freebies Click Here
Note:   one always on site and bonus freebies with almost every sale.
Make sure you sign up for our newsletter and become a fan on our facebook fan page as we always update that with our specials

Don't forget to read terms of use.

Owner        Alisa
FREEBIE    only one to test her patterns with

Don't forget to read terms of use.

Owner     Kate
Note                    DAILY FREEBIES
Don't forget to read terms of use.
How to Cut SVGs

Mailing Address          Miss Kate Cuttables     P.O. Box 16509     American Fork, UT 84003


Owner               Christy Fillmore
Blog                NONE

Don't forget to read terms of use.

Owner        Tami Gonzalez

Note :   Terms of Use


Owner     Nikki Calmes
Don't forget to read terms of use.


Cloud 9


Click the picture below to find other sites added.  Only the ones above have I checked and know for sure they are active.

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Mickey Jo said...

I love this place you need to check it out. ASAP if you own a Cameo.