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Friday, July 18, 2014

I'm Building a Website

I never realized how time consuming building a web site could be.  I am building one at


Be sure to scroll down to see one I am working on for

a good friend of mine Diane.

Here is some pics of my website creations.  First our front page.

Our store

Our Even More Page 

where you can see 

cards I've created,

 learn Techniques, 

Find directions to easy cards,

 SVG Designers 

and more to come.....

Want to check out the rest of my site and what I have done?
Click on the link below.

Want to build your own site Click below

I was using until they decided that on the Free sites you can only have 5 pages.  

Wix for free you get unlimited with tons of Templates to choose from.

And quite a bit of space before they start charging you.

  I'm building a website right now with NO SHOPPING CARTs.
 I can get free shopping carts from Pay Pal,
but before I do so
 I need to figure out how to charge for shipping n Handling without having to upgrade my website
and have to get an account that I pay for.
 I'm going to try and stay on the FREE ACCOUNT
 because being a new store
 the customers only straggle in.
Don't want every dime going out the door.  LOL

So if you want to build a site and need some help just feel free to ask me.  
I don't make them as a job.  I'm just having fun.  
Get them started then you can take it from there.

I'm also building a site for a friend. 
 Here is a couple pics of her site I am creating on

Her Home Page is above

Store entrance below

Don't forget to comment and join my site

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