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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Cricut Cheat Sheets

Ok have I been asleep and didn't know it or what.  First I hear Cricut is getting rid of cartridges and I better get what I want before they are all gone.  WHAT???

Then i hear don't buy replacement cords for your Expressions from on line because they will ruin your Cricut.  One lady it made hers so she can no longer turn off her E2 she has to just unplug it.

The other lady tried her cord and her E2 blew up.  So does this mean I need to order me a replacement cord right now??

Then tonight I hear about cheat sheets through the following blog

Now I just now am reading about this, and typing it here as I find out more info.  Figure no since making notes then typing them all here again.  So She gives an example of how she is doing it.  I'm not sure if it is against rules for me to show you on here, but I will for now since this is my note taking.  I will of course write to her and if she says take it down i will do that.

To get more of these she said to go to the following link

Doris owns the My Bug & Me Create site and her files are kept under
** MY files are under  DORIS PARKER SHEETS
Doris says:
JUST to add..  I print off my cricut cartridge sheets from  under INFORMATION then under LIBRARY.

Two more examples.  I love her site and subscribed.  She has good ideas and information.

I'm getting excited about doing this.  And look how neat her book looks.  Wonder what the color sheet is I see under the book.  Awwww another thing I might not want to know about.   lol
Ok I'm off to get these sheets before I miss out on them.

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