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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

My Pinterest Addiction

Ok I know I am not the only one that says....................I'm just going on for a few minutes to search for this particular card I want to make.  The next thing I know is I have been surfing and pinning for about 3 or 4 hours.  I have places hurting I don't want to even talk about.  Even my carpo tunnel has now went to a muscle in my arm where I sometimes have a problem sleeping at night because it hurts.  No not from clicking, I mean that is what everyone gets carpo tunnel from.  I have to start my own new kind of pain.  I'm getting it from scrolling.  You know that little wheel on our mouse.  Oh my gosh I never thought I would experience so much pain.  I have even started putting the curser where I want it to go then tap on my computer pad to select thinking I am giving my right hand, wrist and arm a break.  Well I seriously thought it was working until 2 days later I just had to go and pin some cool Zens.  And wham it was like I never took a break.  And this time I only got on for 45 minutes.  Do you believe it?  45 minutes.  wow that is almost like the worlds best record.  lol

Write me and tell me what is the longer you have sat on pinterest with no potty breaks until you HAD to get up.  And what were you looking at.  If more than one thing give us some examples.

Here is the last thing I remembered looking at.

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