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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Please Comment on My new Bracelet Design

Hello everyone.  Well once again I have been working hard on bracelet orders being ordered for stocking stuffers or christmas gifts.  Several have picked out charms then tell me design it however you like.  Ok that tells me that as long as I use those charms they are fine with it.  So I designed this bracelet below.

Here are a couple more angles.

I really like it and even wore it for 30 minutes thinking maybe I would make myself one like it.

I sent pics to the customer, she DID NOT like it and wanted me to remove the feather.  I did and here is what it looks like without it.

 My feelings were kind of hurt but I didn't tell her that. And I wanted her to be happy, so I redid the bracelet. Here is the same bracelet without the feather.  To me it looks so bare.  Please comment below and tell me what you think?  Do you like it with or without the feather.

I think I am going to raise the price though for special orders as it takes me 1 1/2 hours to make them.  Some even longer.  They are fun to make, but worth more than $3.50.  And I found out the local mall sells the same exact ones for $20.00.  Which to me is WAY WAY to high.  

Anyways please comment below.  And thanks for visiting my site.  Follow Me.

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