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Monday, October 13, 2014

Google & Blogger

I think I'm going to go crazy one day trying to remember all the passwords Google makes me create.

  And lets not forget when you make a new one 


 It asks what is the last password that you remember.  
Um the one I have been trying to type in for the past 10 minutes.    

Well I figured if it was the wrong password I would use it for my NEW password.  


 it says you need to pic a pass word you have not yet used.  

Well that is what I thought I was doing................grrrrrrr
Ok I got it

I know...........

And don't pick your dogs name. 

Well that is what they 

Because if you pick your dogs name you might just remember it.  

 Yep and they wouldn't like that 

So now you don't know what password to use

so we all pick something we think no way in this world would anyone every figure it out. 

Yeah sound familiar...................

and then we can't remember it either.  

So what do we do ............ ?

we have to start all over again and pick a new password each time we sign on.  

Even though we all know this is true and we go through this every time and we get mad, frustrated, maybe throw a tantrum (not that I would do that) or even cry and reading this made you remember you have done that or been in the same place I just was in.   

I hope you got a laugh out of this.   Yes I know I had to be crazy to take so much time.  If you could see all the pics I took just trying to get the right faces, or not look scary etc.... you would die laughing.   So until my next post have a great day.  

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