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Friday, October 24, 2014

What to Do with Washi Tape

Ok I was not planning to do 3 posts today but sometimes things just pop into my head.  I am reading my Bloglovin Newsletter and came across a cute DIY mask made with Washi Tape.  Now I was almost positive I had a post from before discussing Washi Tape.  But I searched through all of my posts and was shocked to see I have never told you all about it.  

What is Washi Tape you might ask.  Well one of the most fun new inventions ever for the crafters world.  It is a sort of tape that is real close to Masking Tape, but not so sticky and most of it is see through.  Well not clear like glass but well um here let me show you some I taped on a piece of paper.

Notice you can see through it.  You can use it for just about anything.  Here are a few ideas

WHAT CAN IT BE USED FOR....well lots of things. You can seal a lunch sack for your childs lunch with it. You can decorate a card or page with it. You can wrap it around a pencil, bracelet, bottle, your phone, cover a lamp shade with it, just about anything. And it is easy to get back off if you change your mind. This is just like masking tape but prettier of course. Just put your thinking cap on and let your creative thinking take over. What can you do with it. 

Here is the little project I found using it on a mask

Make a Bird Mask 

Here is a few pics I got off of Pinterest and some I did to give you some more ideas.  First some I have found on Web Searches and Pinterest

Change your clock to a new Unique look

Take an old frame and make it your own cute design.

Buy some Candle Holders and add some Washi Tape so they match the decor in your room.  Or give as a gift.

Want some cute Band aides that you just can't by on the market.  Your child will be showing them off to friends.  Imagine when they tell there moms well Cindy at school said her mom makes there band aides.  LOL

Decorate your planner or Calendar so it is not so dull

This one I have started doing.   Mainly because I keep forgetting which cord goes to what.  And it is so much faster to grab which cord I need than to go through each one looking for the end that fits what I am needing to charge.

Here is a few things I have created

Wanted to spice up moms room a bit in our new house.  

Ok I didn't start this post to sell you anything, but got thinking what if you wanted just a little bit of Washi Tape for a project and you wanted several colors.  Like this project to make a multi color dog card for a friend.

Or this one to use in Birthday Party Cupcakes

You don't really need a lot for little projects.  And maybe you don't want to start a collection like some of us.

Ok I have WAY MORE than this, but it does look pretty in my crystal bowl.  

Anyways I sell Washi Tape by the YARD, not by the roll.  So you can buy (3) foot of each color you want and not have to spend all kinds of money doing it.  Ask me to do a special order for you so that you don't pay out lots of money for Shipping n Handling

Click here to take you to my Etsy Store

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Ok crafty peoples it's time for me to get off here.

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