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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Got some time to View my sons videos and mine on his Asperger's

Are you bored and in the mood just to watch a video or 2?  Then why not watch a few of my sons videos.  Well first watch mine about my son.  He has Asperger's.  But we are not like other families that learn from the get go or beginning of his younger school years.  Joey is now 24 and we didn't find out what was different about him until he was 22.  Well we knew he was a little different because he didn't want to grow up.  But he is so very smart we kept getting thrown off by that.  Once his friends started leaving him and we heard through the grapevine that they were not coming around because he didn't want to grow up or run the roads with them we knew it was time to see about getting him tested.  

This is NOT cheap by the way.  But without this testing you can not get your child on some kind of disability and insurance so when you are not around someone will still be there to take care of them.  We paid almost $1,200.00 to a very well recommended Psychiatrist that did testing like this for individuals including for local court judges to see if prisoners were able to handle regular prison life.

You can view the videos by clicking on the title below each picture

Joey is great at Graphic Design and Video editing as well as several other things.  Here is just a message to his fans.  Please watch and subscribe.

Now this next one is pretty funny.  Not sure why there are no comments under them.  Please watch and comment.  If you have a child that is into watching videos these are all fine for kids to watch.  Forgot what the ratings are on things.  G rated maybe.  LOL  No Parental Guidence needed.

 Ok I told my son to pick out one video that he really wanted others to see.  This is the one he chose below.  So please watch it and share some of these videos.  Especially the first one to maybe help some other moms out there.

Thank you for taking the time to view some of the above videos and for viewing my blog.  Subscribe to my blog and our videos if you don't mind.  The more subscribers the more views.  

Have a great day.

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