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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Painting with a Twist A Witch

Well I've started a new craft.  Painting with Acrylics.  I have had Tole Painting Classes and do TONS of different crafts as you have seen from my many posts on here.  But I have always wanted to paint like my sister Kim.  She does Beautiful Oil Paintings.  But I have asthma and the oils and turpentine and all that stuff is so strong to breath in.   So when I found out we had a local shop that teaches painting I have been wanting to go.  It took me a year to get up the nerve.  Here is my very first EVER painting.  I took the class with my daughter Crystina and her new hubby Danny.  
I'm in the middle.  Danny as you can see started out really good, then he got bored.  

I'm going to show you in steps.  Maybe it will help some of you paint this painting.
We started out by painting the canvas a light blue and WHITE mix.  Medium to Large Flat brush, dip one corner in light blue, and one in white.  Keep doing this until the entire back ground is covered.  Check very good to make sure NOT ANY WHITE CANVAS is showing through.   You can paint withing an inch or so from the edge if you don't want to cover the entire thing because next you will paint black.

Cover the whole outside in BLACK.  You can dip one edge in WHITE and one in BLACK to paint part way in from there.   She told us to make circles of paint.  I didn't like this so I swiped left n right.  DO NOT press down hard with your brush or you will ruin it.

Next use Flat brush one side diped in Blue one in BLACK keeping the black edge toward outside.

Then it is time for Bubbles.  Use a medium to small flat brush

Dipping brush one corner in one color and other corner in the other color.  Make some with light YELLOW & WHITE, some GREEN & YELLOW,  RUST and WHITE, mix some GREEN and WHITE really good in a corner of your pallet.  Use green and LIGHT GREEN mixture.   Now take your brush, place it lightly where you want the bubble swirl to the right making half a circle.  PICK UP YOUR BRUSH start back where you started the swirl going to the right BUT THIS TIME swirl the brush to the left.  DO NOT REFILL your brush.  Load it ONE TIME and do 2 bubbles then reload.  Do NOT fill the middle with any bubbles.  You can also use a smaller flat brush to make smaller size bubbles.

Then take WHITE and very small pointed brush put dots on your bubbles.  Some dots dip brush and add a second layer to them making them a little darker.  

Next the Stars.  You can choose how many to do.  The way the teacher taught didn't work well for me so I will explain how to do both.   Her way put a good size dot in the space you want the star.  Then using the wooden end of brush drag out paint in five points starting at the dot each time.

Now my way  using a small pointed brush put a dot where you want the star.  Then very lightly put from the do 5 points or more.
Now load your take you white put in a container or another spot on your pallet.  
Put some WHITE and Add a dip or two of water.  Splatter it all over by swiping it off of one finger on your other hand.  
Photo above is to show you how to do the splatters.  
Didn't take this at the class as you can see.  LOL
Everyone does it different.  Wish I had added more splatter to mine.

Now get some Chalk a piece of WHITE Chalk
You are going to draw the witch on your painted canvas.  If you mess up use a moist paint brush to erase the mistake away.
Draw a circle for the head.

Next draw a large curved line for the hat brim.

Then add your top to the hat with a curved pointed top.

These are the steps they taught in.

Next draw a neck.

Then flat line for the shoulders.

Then 2 lines down from each side curved inward to form a narrow waste line.  Draw another line to close off this shape.  Then draw 2 half open circles to form boobs.

Erasing with water the lines going through the boobs.
Next draw the skirt swooping out at the ends.  Draw two arms stretching out into the bubbles.  No hands needed.

Now it is time to paint.

Mixing a MEDIUM GREEN (white and green) sort of like mine.  Paint the face, neck and top area of chest GREEN

Paint the outside edges of the skirt in BLACK.  Leaving a V open in the middle of the Skirt.
  Look at the above picture.  See the left side of the dress.  See the outside left white line.  Paint a black section above that do NOT paint over the white.  Kind of wavy.  And paint your hat and arms and top of dress.  On hat paint top left wavy.
Paint 2 light lines under the boobs.  Look at first pic and then this one above.  I think they are both 2 dark.  I wish I hadn't painted the lines at all. Add white lines to hat.  Mine are not done right look at my daughters.  

Going from waist down paint white lines.  Look at my painting and my daughters.

Next using white and some white and great and the pointed brush paint swirls and swirly S's around the base of the dress.  Leave middle open.
Next add the hair.  Using Red and Rust .  Rust and White, Red &  White.  The teacher said to paint them swirly.  Like we did the ones around bottom of dress.  Look at all three paintings.  I didn't do mine like that.  


Then BLACK lines half way down on middle of dress V opening.  Finish doing your white swirls.

Oh I forgot.  Taking a darker green mixture paint a shadow under the brim of the had and under her neck.  Look at mine and my daughters.

Well that is pretty much all I can help you with.  If you make a mistake paint the color needed to take one step back.  Then paint the area again.  Have fun.

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