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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Baby Makayla's Room

wow 3 posts in one day

Ok I showed all the baby shower photos of what I hand made and so forth.

So now lets get to the babies room.

First the walls much be pink, so daddy started painting them.

Noticed they added all the Baby Shower things to decorate the walls.
All looks good.

In the mean time my hubby (prior Foster dad to Mommy)
painted the chest Hot Pink.........Notice the walls are just paneling.  The land lord told them to paint however they wanted.

Now for my part.  Decorating / painting zebra stripes on the drawers.

Had to make my own stencil from a page out of wallpaper book.
Then I used carbon paper and the material I bought for her curtains
to use for a pattern to trace them on and then cut out with a xacto knife.

Oh for those who might want to tell me they sell stencils at Hobby Lobby.  Yep I bought one. Bought the last one they carry and it is no where to be found.  We have search for several days.  I gave up and made the one above.

I still have one more to paint.  Took 4 over and Mommy put them in.  Not sure they are in the right places as some look tight. 

Just bought the knobs and took them over.  Waiting for Daddy to paint them Hot pink

Then at a Varage Sale (that is a virtual Garage Sale)
I found the following Baby Bedding.  

$50.00 all like new.  Below is what the set looks like on line.

Now I am painting her letters

And Baby Makayla Jo has arrived before I got the nursery all done.

So stay tuned for more Nursery Updates.

Almost done with her name.

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Wilma said...

Yay! I figured out how to follow your blog! Now to figure out how to add that button to MY blog! Thanks for your help.

Wilma said...

And OH MY GOSH those zebra stripes are AWESOME! What a beautiful nursery. You're very talented.

Mickey Jo said...

Thank you so much. Just wait and follow to see the finished deal or more to come. grin. Let me know when you have that button added.