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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Baby Wish List and Cupcake Toppers

Now for my daughter's help with the Baby Shower.

I'm so glad we sent her off to college for  Graphic Design.

Crystina Graduated in December of 2015 with her Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design.

Now lets show off what she did.

First the Wish list.  What is a wish list for.  Well for all the guests to fill out and then down the road for mommy and daddy to read.

Crystina created a digital file for me (sadly she is all the way in Hawaii for the next 3 years with her Army Hubby)

I was able to down load them, take them to Office Depot and get them printed off for 60 cents per sheet.  I had them done on Card Stock.  4 per sheet.  Could have done 6 but I wanted them big enough to see real good and write on.

Then she made the cupcake toppers.

I then took this along with the above and had these printed off too.

Then I cut them out and glued a front and back to a tooth pick.  And we put them on the cupcakes.

Oh and I forgot I put little tiny baby bottles on all the cups.

If you would like to see these toppers and others Crystina has made click on this link below.

check out the same but in PURPLE
by clicking the link below

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