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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Makayla Jo's Baby Shower

Wow am I way behind on posting.
Guess that is what happens when you computer dies and you have to start over.

The Baby Shower was 15th of May 2016.

Here is what all I made for it.

Her name is Makayla Jo but as you see the Jo is missing off of the banner.  Why, well because I didn't know the mom was seriously naming her after me.  The Mommy Felicia was a prior foster girl of mine years ago.  She is like my daughter and calls mom now and then.  I was so excited to learn her real name also included a part of mine.  

These are the Door Prizes with candles and little duckys in water

Party Lite Candle in Tissue paper with Black Ribbon.  I gave each one of the guests one of these  once they filled out the Wish List.

Now all the next pics are fine this size, but if you click on them and enlarge any of them, they are a bit blurry.  Guess I was so nervous that all the pics I snapped didn't come out quite right.  Sad because the last baby shower I gave I didn't get pics of anything hardly once it left my house.  This time I said I'm taking the pics so there won't be a problem getting them.  Well we see how that turned out.

I'm really upset these didn't come out clear.  I worked so hard on these and the next ones.

There was 3 of these around the table of food and Cake.

No I didn't make the cake but it is worth telling you about.  This was ordered from Walmart by the Daddys mom (Nanny)  It is suppose to say.

Wendell & Felicia
It's a Girl !

Does it say that?  NO.............Did Walmart give a discount.  NO................

I made Garland 

More babies on the wall.  I also did the table centerpieces of white tissue paper flowers tipped in black to match the theme better and confetti

And of course Felicia and I (Nana)

For those who missed the Baby Shower Cards

Someone used there envelope for a gift of money 

And of course that pic is blurry too.  I think I need some motionless camera

Here is the inside

Not done yet.  Now go to my next post to see what my Crystina daughter 
graphically designed for Makayla's Shower.

The Games we Played

Baby Bingo (I designed it with Rubber Stamps)
But this is not the one I made.  I will show mine later when I snap a pic.
I borrowed this from Pinterest made by Amber.  Here is her link.

Clothes Pin in a Jar called

Tinkle in the Pot

 Of course we made the soon to be Daddy do it.  LOL

Object on this is put a jar on the floor between there legs.  Give them each 6 clothes pins.  Then they are to put the clothes pin between there knees then not using there hands must drop them into the jar.  Who ever gets the most in wins.

Then Guess how big around Mommy to Be is.

Guess Mommy's Waist Line

Pass around a roll of Toilet paper.  Each Guest is to tear off a length of toilet paper to what they think will be long enough to go all the way around mom with out over lapping.

We also played another game but I forgot to take pics.

Pacifier Leg Cross

  I bought them on line on Ebay.  Or you can buy just blue or pink at some Dollar Stores.

Each guest is given a pacifier necklace when they arrive.
Then they keep an eye on each other and if they see another cross there legs they steal there pacifier.

Unfortunately we were unable to play this because the room we ended up doing the shower in had tables and chairs.  So no one could see who was crossing there legs.

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