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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Book Binding

Well I see I never did anything with this page.  So sorry, guess I got lost somewhere in la la land and never finished.  ORRRR it might have been when I couldn't get into my blog no matter what I tried.  Sooo now I am in and want to share this link. 

This is from one of my many board on Pinterest.  I'm just starting it to build this board with Book Making. Links are below each picture.              The next link below this has even more.

Just click above and go to my link.  If it don't take you there well I'm sorry but you will have to do it the slowwwwww way.  Looking me up on Pinterest.

Mickey Corbin

Check out my many boards.  I've heard I have some awesome pins.  

One of the stitches I have learned to do that is really neat and fun is the Coptic Stitch.  Click words below pic for Tutorial.

Click to check out these YouTube Tutorials.  Sorry Pics are blurry I just saved images.

Coptic Stitch binding demo part 1

Coptic Stitch binding demo part 2

This Pinterest board has some awesome examples of the Coptic Stitch

Lora Kinberger Coptic Stitch Pinterest Board

How about some other stitches. 
Book binding Tutorial for Long Stitch Binding
I can't wait to try this.  These are just pictures then the Tutorial


Ok found a great link for the Book above.

Donna Meyers Daily Journal Challenge to make a book a day.  Day 365

For a great book to purchase to teach you some of the techniques

Well hope some of these links teach you something new.

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