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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Postal Service messed up

I am so mad.  

I sent off a package on 11 Jun to a customer.  She still has not received it.  So i went in with her tracking number to check out the situation.  They are suppose to scan them at every destination.  Well it show it is still sitting at our post office.  So i made a phone call.  They said it left there building at 2am on the 12th of Jun.  So where is it???  The Post Master said it could be in the bottom of a bag. Meaning that when they shook out the mail it stayed in the bag and they assumed bag was empty.  Seems for her to tell me this it must of happened before so why don't they shake the bag open each time to see if anything else is in the bottom.  I can't file a claim for 30 days day one starting on the day of mail pickup.  So now I have to send out the order all over again.  

Has anyone else had this happen?

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