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Monday, June 18, 2018

Old Soldier - Tony Nugent & Ed Laura

This is really good but what I thought was so neat was my neighbor across the street wrote the music to it.  So I shared for couple reasons.  Well also because my hubby and I are retired Veterans.

Please listen and share.  Thanks

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

New Bird Toys and Page

I am having so much fun making Bird Toys.  Just wish I would sell them.  

Pink Activity Stacker $5.50

Am I selling them for to high?  Or just not enough people have seen them.
I think people are looking at them and making them.  This was a therapy for me.
But now they are making me sad.

Some say it is just cut up card board. But it takes a lot of time to cut up the
squares, triangles and other shapes.  Then I punch a hole in each one .

Blue and Green Activity Stacker $5.50

Green Octopus  $3.50

Do you think my prices are to high?  You can find my toy page on FaceBook.

Just look up 

Click above and link might take you there.

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Well I am sorry this post is not more cheerful.  But I plan to get my behind in gear soon.  grin.

I will post about the 2 necklaces I just finished for my daughter.

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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Easter Eggs for Senior Living Home

Well Easter is over with, but memories are not.  
I just wanted to show all of you what I put together for the Seniors at the 
Senior Living Home my hubby works at.

First I didn't have a lot of time because things got busy and I could not for the life of me come up with any ideas.  So after seeing several Brooches posted on our local I got an idea.

Why not buy Easter Brooches and put them on felt eggs.

Ok next problem.  I needed 35 of them.  BUT I didn't want to spend $35 or more for brooches.  So I spoke with the lady told her what I was going to do with them and asked if she could maybe help out.  I told her I was not asking for a free hand out.  But could she give me a really good deal.
She wrote back she didn't have 35 Easter brooches.  I told her that was fine I could pick out others too and put them on an Easter Egg.  So we made a deal.  35 brooches for $16.  

I didn't take pictures of any of the brooches before putting them on the eggs.  But after putting a couple on eggs I decided plain eggs just would not work.  Especially for brooches that were 1" x 1 " in the middle of an Egg that was 3 inches tall.

So I got out my glitter glue.  That was not very funny.  Lots were died up or wanted to shoot out all the watery glue.  I did find that glitter glue by Rangers called Stickles.

All worked better than any of the other glues that I had.  So couple days ago I went on Amazon and ordered all the colors I could get.  GRINNING.

Here are the Easter Brooches.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Vinyl Pets for your Stuff

My daughter and I have branched out again.

Ever wanted to put you pet on your cup, car window, or more.

Well now you can an at a good price.  Not high priced.

Here is an example

Now to view her Album you will have to join 
my FaceBook Group.  Or write to her below..........Lots of other sellers. Buy unique gifts.

Maybe you want to advertize your ETSY Shop.

She can do that too

This above is my Etsy Shop  take a look

Contact Crystina about getting your own Pet (dog,cat,bird) Shop logo for your car or
labels for your craft room containers, kitchen items Flour, Sugar Etc.

Bird Toys on FaceBook

Ok some of you might think I am crazy.  But for those of us that have birdies, 
we all know they need something to keep them busy.  

Well I decided to make a FaceBook page to show them off and sell them.

Check it out.  I've added several new toys.

Just a little preview

#16 is ( The Activity Foraging Ladder ) for Parakeets or bigger $10.00
16 Gauge stainless steel Wire used.
Also quick link for hanging
Measurements 12" x 3 1/4” from Quick Link hook to bottom

Plastic Curler,Beads,toys, wooden beads, flat shells, dog tag


# 14 is The Activity Ball T Parakeets or smaller birds $5.00
16 Gauge stainless steel Wire used.
Also quick link for hanging
Measurements 8" from hook to bottom of yellow item

These are just a few.  If you have any friends that have birds ask them to check me out.
Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think of my 2 above creations.

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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Bird Toys Handmade

I'm having so much fun.  Found a new craft.

Since I own parakeets, I am always buying toys for them.  Bird owners will know they need things to play with and keep occupied.   And just like us or our children, they get bored with toys too.  So we need to rotate them now and then to keep them happy.  

Check out my toys 

These are just a few.  If you have any friends that have birds ask them to check me out.
Please leave a comment below and tell me what
you think. 

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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

ALL Reviews For past Years

I decided that every year or maybe even every few months I will post a combined list of posts I did over the year and the years.  

WHY ???

Well then you can see a picture with lots of pics from posts from that year.  
While looking at the Picture Collage you see something you are interested in.

So you click on the link for that year.  
It will take you to a page that will show the pics individually.

Then click on the picture you want to find info on.

take you to a page you have to scroll through for weeks to find the
particular post you are looking for.


take you Right to that particular page you are searching for.

So why scroll through each year of posts when you can 
scroll through a review, 
see a brief pic and get a better idea if you want to read that post or not.

Reviews...Check out what was posted in 2017

Reviews....Check out what was posted in 2016

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