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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Stampin Up Card Stock VS Fun Stampers Journey Card Stock And What Else??

HELP with this and Read what I have found out.
Ok I just hate to type in black when there are so many beautiful colors.  I decided to post about something that has driven me crazy for years.  
Card Stock 
and the thickness of it.  In 25 years (omgosh didn't know it has been that long) but in all the years I have been stamping I have had a lot of trouble and still do understanding 
Card Stock thicknesses.  All I know for sure is I love
 Stampin Up!s
 as it has always been the perfect thickness.  And with in the last 4 years I found 
Fun Stampers Journey
 and there card stock is almost identical to SU.   oh (not sure what is going on as I fell out of the card loop for a few months, but think Spellbinders and FSJ are now one or combined or something.  If you know please tell me what is up.)

Now for stamping images on white I have bought Good ole Walmart brand of CardStock 
for years.  It is 150 sheets of 110 lb for $4.99  Great price but to me to thin for cards or even business cards.  But there is nothing better for stamping my images on.  Hope they don't stop making it.
terrible pic from 2011 lol
Last week I went onto the internet trying to make heads or tails out of thicknesses and am just as confused as when I started.
First I found*****
EHow:    By Danielle Fernandez

Paper that is sold as either "card stock" or "cover stock" is thicker and more durable than standard drawing or construction paper, but thinner and more flexible than cardboard. While these heavier mediums are sold under different weights, thicknesses and labels, they serve basically the same purpose in crafting projects and could be used interchangeably.

She also says:  The differences between card and cover stock are 
Card stock is typically smooth to the touch ,
Cover stock, on the other hand, is often coated and textured
You can read her article here:
She said lots more and maybe it might help you, but all it did was confuse me.

Next I googled and found Cover Stock VS Cardstock ...(What's the Differenc) 
They have a better explanation or one I understood a bit more.  Click below to read what they have to say.  

Here is a chart they provided that well has me thinking I understand, but do I really.

Here Are Some Ideas For Different Weights Of Paper For Your Paper Weighing Pleasure:

cover stock vs cardstock paperweights ideas with scaleSo according to the chart above i would think ok lets buy 130 lb Card stock to make my hand made cards from.  BUT is that what they are saying?   His or her article is a good one.  But will is not answering the question some of us card makers have.
What is the best card stock to use for making hand made cards?

I don't want to measure by the weight or realm.  I want to know one (ONE) piece of card stock is better between the one (ONE) Sheet.

I do know if you use Walmart 110 lb cardstock for your base and start adding layers it is NOT thick enough to support them and still make your card look good.

I've read so many articles my head is hurting and I just want to throw my computer across the room.  Do I need to go back to school to get the answers to this.
Ok I've been to Hobby Lobby and bought Black Card Stock.  I figure hey they sell good stuff right.  I mean I have bought enough there haven't I ?

But no it was to thin.  More like construction paper.  UGH.

So I headed over to Amazon.  I mean you can buy from all over the place from there.
click pic above to this card stock
50 sheets for $7.43
Great price.  And several of the reviews said perfect for making cards.
And I love anything by Darice.

Well not this for card bases.  It is great for layering, but the same exact thickness as what Hobby Lobby sells.  Very disappointed.
So now I am call to all my fellow card makers.  PLEASE where can I get card stock the same thickness as Stampin Up and Fun Stampers Journey  ????   I love all they make, but I need more shades.  Like does no one make a nice manila folder type cream anymore.

I bought this from Amazon thinking it was what I was looking for.  But it is to light and to thin.
Click above pic to go to this.
Great price.  Works great for layering.

I did just notice while writing up this blog page that when searching for a picture of FSJ card stock there package of several colors ACTUALLY says 60 lbs.  First time I have seen anything telling you there thickness.  And what confuses me more is the above card stock I bought from Amazon says 65 lb.  Which by the way is just as thick or thin as the 110 lb from Walmart.  But the 60 lb from Fun Stampers Journey is a lot thicker.  AWSOME for card bases.  

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Friday, August 16, 2019

Blueberry Sky Pie

Well I want to write something and my mind has gone blank.  So for now I will share this awesome recipe with all of my followers.  
Though there is not many of you I want to try and post more often this year than I did last.  I think I am doing pretty good so far.

Blueberry Sky Pie


8 oz pkg cream cheese
1 Tbs Koolaide (Lemonaide)
14 oz Can of Sweeten Condensed Milk
8 oz Whip Topping
2 Boxes of Blueberry Pie Filling
2 Gram Cracker Crust


Mix all ingredients (saving out about 2 tsp. of blueberry pie filling for topping on pie when done for decoration)

Poor into Gram Cracker Crusts, then place in the refrigerator for 2 hours.  Eat and enjoy.  Great with milk or Coffee.

Number of servings 6-8
Makes 2 Pies

Some are now using a can of frozen lemonaide.  Cost more and not sure what you do with the excess.  Also see people are only chilling for 20 minutes now.  Chilling longer makes it stand up better.  Keep one for home and take one to your co workers, Dentist like I did at Christmas time or a dear friend.

p.s. pictures were borrowed from the world wide web.  I starting making this recipe in 1975.  You can also switch out blue berry for strawberry or cherry.
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Friday, July 5, 2019

Recycled Box to Trash Can

Yep I made a trash can.  Why well a new family moved to Tennessee and
several in the community have made donations to set them up in a home with
 everything that they need.
Only 3 trash cans were bought.  1 for Kitchen, and 1 for each of the 2 bathrooms.

But none for the teenagers bedrooms or for the Living room.  Not sure if everyone has trash cans for all of the rooms in there house, but our family does.   I could of gone to the store and bought 2 more trash cans, but me being one that loves crafts decided upon this.

I started with 2 used USPS priority boxes.
I covered them with Paper Mache' first.  I did the old fashion way we did as kids using a mixture of flour and water.  Now what was really weird that NEVER do I remember happening before.  Is the finished product which I will show shortly.  Looked like I has put a crackle paint over the boxes.  I painted them white several coats and finally got the cracks to go away somewhat.

Here is a picture of what I am telling you about.
yes you still see the crackle, but not all broken apart as much.  Before painting white it looked like the paper mache part would just fall off the box.

Now this one is not finished yet,but it is the above box painted white.
You might wonder what the little mountain/ built up areas are on the side.  I want to have a bit of dimension to this one.  That will be the center of some flowers.

LOL I've been piling stuff inside to clean off my couch.  Once I get done working on the Diamond Dot Painting I am doing right now, I will finish this project.  (check other posts coming soon about 5D Diamond Dot Paintings.)

Now the other box I didn't put any dimensions.  I covered it with Scrapbook paper.
I wish I had thought to take a close up of the box before I covered it.  The strip down the middle on the front came on to cover up where the box comes together.  I had not covered that area enough with the Paper Mache' so it kind of dented in there.
Below tells what was done.
Here is the Butterfly Box I made a couple years ago.  This stared out as a box that dog food came in.
These boxes are really thick and sturdy.  I have used them for all kinds of things.  lol
Including the Box below that my family and I call the Butterfly Box.  Which is where our postage stamps and a few other like items are.  So I say it's in the Butterfly box.  So much easier to explain than it is on the book shelf 2nd one over in the dinning room beside the kitchen wall.  Top shelf at the far end.  lol
I spoke above about using a thicker material on the top edges. 
instead of Card Board I used matte board that is used for all kinds of things including in framing a photo or license etc.

I hope you enjoyed reading and looking at my latest creations.

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Friday, June 7, 2019

My Gel Nails

Ok i am so excited.  I have gone twice to have 
my nails done at a salon.  I about died on what I had to pay for when I had to teach them how to do the designs.  First off let me show you some of my own nails I have painted with REGULAR nail polish.  Then I can explain more on what I 
mean by me teaching them.  The so called professionals.

 This is my first try at the TRI-Color method.  You put 3 colors onto a makeup sponge and roll them onto your nail.  And my 2nd try above.  I couldn't get the pics to go in the correct place.  And you will notice I forget to do clean ups before I post pics.  Sorry.
 This one I did not pick the colors to match the pillow.  But after painting them my daughter noticed that they did.
I loved this design for Christmas that year.
This was my first try at the dots inside the dots.  I was so happy that it turned out so well.  Then when the nails started to peal I decided to try saving them.  I was a little lazy and didn't want to remove the polish.  So below is what I did to save them.
This Picture below is how I started out with the next design. I almost left them like this, but I had other plans.
And yes I forgot to clean up.
After doing mine my sons girlfriend wanted me to do hers.  She barely had nails so it was a big Challenge.  I think the design I chose did turn out quite well.
 Decided to try chevron design.  It didn't turn out as well as I would have liked.
Next I wanted to create a summery look.  I loved this one.

NOW for the Salons design.  I showed her the first 2 pics to put on my nails.  They are almost identical designs.  They said that won't show up on my orange nails.  I asked her to try please. 
They said they can do designs.
This is what they did with a lot of help from me. Looks nice but not what I wanted.
Next was this design.  This was a mess.  Had to redo a couple nails.  I chose the best hand for the pic.
THe other hand the snow flake was a big blob almost.  THe swirl was almost the same.  The guy had no idea how to do any of this.  I had to show him which tool to use and he said that is to small.  He used a bigger one on the other hand.  On this hand for snowflake and dots he used what I asked him to use.  The swirl he still didn't get right.  I helped so much on this I felt like I should of gotten a discount.  The lady doing my daughter said he was in a hurry to leave for home.  That is not right.

Now for my First Attempt  at Gel Nails.  I learned you can't clean up after using the light.  lol.  It dries hard EVERY WHERE.  My Thumb I was just playing around swiping the colors together.
Now for my GEL NAIL 2nd attempt.  And of all days my meds had me shaking, but I feel like I still did a good job.  
 The GOLD stripe was gold nail polish.  NOT GEL.  
I found this on Amazon.  You mix it 50/50 with your nail polish of choice.
It then turns it into a GEL NAIL POLISH.
Very expensive stuff. Link is below.

Click link above.
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